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ICMS 46th Annual Conference Wieliczka-Kraków, Poland

Security of the Museums in Post-Industrial Sites

Date: 15-17 September 2021
Venues: Cracow Saltworks Museum and „Wieliczka” Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków

Key dates:
Deadline for registration of on-site participants: 10.09.2021
Deadline for registration of online participants: 13.09.2021
Deadline for sharing PowerPoint presentations (on Dropbox): 13.09.2021


In recent years industrial and mining museums throughout Europe have become increasingly popular and attractive to tourists. Ensuring safety and security in museums in general is a challenge in itself, but keeping up a high level of safety and security in an industrial facility or a mining museum, which may or not be still operational, is a challenge of an entirely different level. Challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic with visitor capacity and social distancing in confined spaces aside, risks such as fire or flooding need quite different measures if routes, tours and presentations are taking place well below or even well above ground level. Evacuation of people, inventory and museum objects demands other procedures and in-company emergency response teams need to be self reliant for a longer period of time until emergency services arrive at the scene. The conference, “Security of the Museums in Post-Industrial Sites”, would like to address such challenges and explore inventive solutions and best practices.

Raymond de Jong
Secretary of the ICMS Board

mobile: +48 603 804 096, +48 601 366 195



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