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Conference sessions will be held in Wieliczka, in the Saltworks Castle and “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, and in Kraków’s Wawel Royal Castle. Both sites are entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

15.09.2021, Wednesday, Wieliczka

At 17:00, participants in the conference are invited to the Saltworks Castle located in the town centre between the Regis Shaft and Daniłowicza Shaft at 8 Zamkowa Street.

Due to a building project carried out in the Castle (repair and reconstruction work), the entrance to the Castle through the main gate at Zamkowa Street will be closed. Please go to conference reception in the Southern Castle through the entrance at Aleja Jana Pawła II. There are signs and arrows displayed to show you the way.

At reception, you will receive conference bags with an interesting content, the conference programme and ID badges. Please do not omit this point, we have to record your arrival. You will also find there our museum shop where you can view and buy our publications. 

You will be asked to go from reception through the Castle inner courtyard to the Middle Castle where you will be welcome by the Management of our museum and offered regional refreshments. You will hear about the site history, and its future defined by the objectives of the ongoing renovation project. You are also invited to see our permanent and temporary exhibitions displayed at present. 

After your visit to the Castle, you are invited to dinner in “Karczma pod Wielką Solą” serving local dishes and drinks brewed on site. We organize transfer to the venue and your return to hotels in Wieliczka.


16.09.2021, Thursday, Wieliczka

At 8:15, you are invited to the Regis Shaft, located below the Saltworks Castle at 9 Kościuszko Square. There, you will take the lift down to the 3rd level of the mine at a depth of 135 metres. Please put on warm clothing and comfortable shoes. Please also take face masks and arrive on time (our guests are expected to take the lift until 9:00).

Our guides will show you the way from the shaft bottom to the conference “Długosz Chamber”, located in the area of underground exhibition arranged by the Cracow Saltworks Museum. A conference session will be held in the chamber between 9:20 and 14:10, with broadcast to those who confirmed their online participation. 

The session will include one coffee break with refreshments. There is a cloakroom and toilet on site. GSM networks and Wi-Fi are unavailable. Smoking is prohibited.

After the session, conference participants will go in language groups on study visits to the underground exhibition arranged by the Cracow Saltworks Museum on the third mine level, planned for 1 hour. The 1.5-km long route features the history and geology of the mine in 19 historical workings known as chambers. The exhibition comprises a collection of wooden horse-driven hoisting machines dating back to the 17tn-19th centuries, other mining machinery and equipment, all originating from the Wieliczka salt mine. 

You are then invited to dinner in the picturesque “Haluszka I” chamber where you will enjoy the culinary art of our chefs. All dishes will be cooked for you underground.

After dinner, we will take the lift up the Daniłowicz Shaft to the hoist room, to show you the tourist route. The route starts with arrival to the mine, buying tickets, meeting a guide and taking the lift down to the mine. You will descend the staircase (380 steps) leading to the mine in guided language groups, to reach level 1 at a depth of 60 metres. A study visit to the 2.2-km Tourist Route will begin on that level. You will go through 23 beautiful salt chambers (workings) featuring salt lakes, impressive wooden lining, altars, sculptures and mining equipment. You will also see the heart of our mine, the St. Kinga Chapel. The Tourist Route will take you back to the 3rd level. Toilets and souvenir shops are located along the route. Smoking is prohibited; GSM networks are available only in selected chambers. 

After the visit, you will take the lift up in the Daniłowicz Shift. Depending on the time of leaving the mine, you can take then 1-1.5 hours to sightsee Wieliczka or relax at your hotels. At 20:30, you are invited to hot supper in the “Warzelnia Smaków” restaurant located in front of the Shaft at 13 Daniłowicza Street. Specialties of the house include meat baked in salt and delicious drinks produced on hills overlooking Wieliczka. 

17.09.2021, Friday, Kraków

At 8:30, we will pick you up in your hotels in Wieliczka and transfer you by coach to the Wawel Hill in Kraków where another conference session will be held. Please take your face masks. The managers of the Wawel Royal Castle will welcome you in the conference Sigismund Hall with a view on the beautiful arcade courtyard; a lecture will be given on the Castle and hill history. This part of session will also be broadcast to online participants. 

Then, you will go in language groups on study visits, planned to take about 3 hours. The Wawel sightseeing route features the State Rooms, Treasury and Armoury, and two exhibitions, permanent “Wawel Lost” and temporary “All Royal Tapestries”.

After the visit, you are invited to lunch in Trattoria Wawel, also located on the Wawel Hill; we will then go back to the conference hall to continue our session. A discussion summarizing visits to the mine and castle will finalize the session, followed by a project closed to online participants: a workshop organized by the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections, planned to take about 1.5 h.

At 17:30, we will leave the Wawel Hill and descend through the Dragon’s Den to Vistula Boulevards. When the Wawel Dragon breaths fire for the last time, you will come aboard “Legenda” that will take you on a farewell cruise on Vistula, the last item in conference agenda. The cruise programme includes supper: barbecue dishes and a buffet. The cruise is planned to last 2 hours; the night skyline of old Cracow can be watched from the deck. We organize the return by coach to your hotels in Wieliczka after the cruise. 



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