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Power Point Presentation:

Our agenda for the first day of the conference (Thursday, 16.09.2021) is completely full.
Exceptionally, we can still accept one or two presentations not exceeding 20 minutes.
They will be presented on the second day of the conference (Friday 17.09.2021) after 14.50 p.m.
We are waiting for proposals only until 03.09.2021.
Please send the abstracts in an electronic form to the address: by 03.09.2021.

Abstracts should be written in English and the following information should appear over the contents of the abstract:
- Name and surname of the author (possibly academic title)
- Affiliation (name of institution, address)
- The title of the presentation
- Contact details: e-mail address, telephone number.
Confirmation of receipt of the abstract by the organiser will be sent promptly by email. 

The paper presented during the conference sessions should be supplemented by the Power Point Presentation.
The presentation should be delivered to the Organisers of the conference by 13.09.2021.
Therefore, the Dropbox service will be made available to the authors of the presentations.
Following the receipt of the invitation from the conference organiser by e-mail (03.09.2021), you should install a dedicated Dropbox application
on your computer and place a Power Point Presentation in it.

Technical requirements:
-presentation in the Power Point
-number of slides: in any number but not less than 10
-required language: English
 -advantage of photos, tables, charts and drawings over writing
-the size of the presentation: any size

From 03.09.2021 to 14.09.2021 the Presentations can be still modified or supplemented.
Changes should only be made to the file shared on the Dropbox, however, not later than on 14.09.2021.
After 14.09.2021, all presentations will be archived in the computer that will be used during the sessions.
Before the conference, all presentations will be tested by designated staff at the venue of the sessions.
We hope that the described procedure will allow us to reduce the risk of technical problems during the presentation.

The presentations will be presented by the speakers on site (7 presentations), online (1 presentation) and from recorded video (1 presentation)
The speakers on site will have a computer, a projector with a remote control, a screen, a microphone and a pointer at their disposal.
Dedicated service will help the speaker to effectively perform the presentation.
It is not possible to upload new presentations to the computer just before the sessions.
Presentations should not exceed the time declared in advance by the speaker, indicated in the Programme of the Conference.
At the end of the session, a 20-minute public discussion is expected. The discussions will be moderated by the members of ICMS ICOM.

The official language of the sessions is English and Polish.
Simultaneous Polish- English and English-Polish interpreting is envisaged during the conference.
In order to ensure good communication during the sessions, the issue of the presentation language will be determined individually with each

All requires regarding the presentation of the papers should be sent to the following addressess:



The conference is confirmed!

The conference is free for participants!

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