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Entering Poland

Detailed information on the conditions to be fulfilled by foreigners wanting to enter Poland can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSZ) of the Republic of Poland:

The MSZ’s website features also a list of foreign consular offices of countries, which have their representatives in Poland, as well as other information important from guests from abroad visiting our country. is also a helpful link.


The weather

The autumn weather in Poland is changeable. We may have rain in September, and the temperature may fall below 15 Celsius Degrees. It may be as well that in September we still have a very pleasant Indian summer with sunny sky and more than 21 Celsius degrees in the shade. A current weather forecast for Wieliczka and Krakow and many more places in Poland can be found on the  website:


 The Wieliczka Salt Mine – information for conference participants and visitors:

  1. The temperature in the mine is 14-16 Celsius degrees. The temperature in the conference „Długosz Chamber” is 18 Celsius degrees.
  2. Warm clothes and comfortable shoes are highly reccommended.
  3. Study visits: you should be prepared for the necessity of walking about 6 km and covering about 800 steps.
  4. Contraindications to a ride down and stay in underground excavations: circulatory and respiratory insufficiency, claustrophobia.
  5. You will stay underground under the supervision of guides and authorised tourist service employees.
  6. Smoking and open flames are strictly forbidden in the mines.
  7. There is no wi-fi service in the conference „Długosz Chamber” and no cellular signal coverage there. Only a few chambers on the Tourist Route are
    within range of cellular signal of selected providers, there is also a WiFi service available.

Wawel Royal Castle:

  1. There is no wi-fi service in the conference “Sigismund Hall”. 

Force majeure

In the event of emergency situations related to damages to health, first medical aid and an ambulance will be provided for the participants in the conference. All potential costs arising from a potential medical treatment, however, will have to be covered by the conference participants themselves.

Therefore, we recommend buying a tourist insurance before going to Poland, which will cover medical treatment expenses and accident insurance.

EU citizens should have the European Health Insurance Card.

Important telephone numbers:

General alarm number 112

The police 997

Fire service 998

Emergency medical treatment 999


Electric sockets in Poland are essentially of the so-called E Type.

It is a socket with two wholes (for phase and neutral cords), compliant with type C, and one bolt placed between them (but not on the same axis) for the protection earth (PE) cord. It is used in France, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia. It is adjusted for the power load up to 16 A.




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